Day 1- Sendoff & LaGrange

Day 1: LaGrange College

BASHFUL GROUP HEREEE, we are superrr excited to start our day off with 85 strangers!!!!!!! Ironically, NONE of us are actually bashful. Our group is full of energy and laughs already!! The bashfuls include: Audrey Beaty, Payton Holt, Emily Stratton, Claire Cummings, Landry Freeze, Ivy Ervay, Kayla Hawkins, Madalynn Powell, Jack Inman, Matthew Fuller, Carson Carr, Parker Mills and Alex Faulkner!! As we were sitting around blogging we decided our counselor Daisy, “Lil Squirrel," looks exactly like Bridgit Mendler.

Bashful group blogging away

The Big D at sendoff

Counselor William in the staff trailer with Connor, happy birthday Connor!!!

When we first arrived at Mallard Creek, everyone was shy and nervous to leave. The sendoff was so hot, and the grown ups wouldn’t stop talking when we were ready to leave. Everybody was busy being sad telling their family and friends goodbye, except for Alex, who was busy in the Chick-Fil-A line and showed up shortly before the buses left him. It was really sad to see our parents waving goodbye to us for 23 days, but as soon as the bus pulled out, we were immediately getting to know each other and our nerves left us. Grant, our director, encouraged us to “get around” and get to know EVERYBODY. On the bus we did “speed dating” to meet new people on the trip. Some people traded seats and we talked for about 5 minutes before switching seats to meet someone else.  

Loading up Miss America

Dylan Sutton being copilot for Counselor Daisy

Counselor Matt was on Carolina Girl talking about all the rules to follow and Jake Inman fell asleep. Then Matt made Jake wake up but Jake kept falling back to sleep. On our first stop at the South Carolina rest stop, we all found ourselves reaching for our phones as we started to go outside.

Jake Inman kept falling asleep

Tooooooo much traffic. We passed the largest drive through restaurant in Georgia, The Varsity in Atlanta. After we passed the Varsity we then got to see the old Brae Stadium and the Olympic flame monument from the 1996 summer Olympics.

Sealey S. and Dakota J. filling up Miss America

On the bus we had ham and cheese sandwiches, some people bit into the sandwiches without knowing the cheese was still wrapped in plastic. Everyone enjoyed community bags of chips that everyone ate out of with a few cookies afterwards. 

The big group walked into Walmart together. Many people headed straight to the jewelry section because several people forgot watches or they broke. Also, people bought candy and gum for the bus ride. The Happy group went straight to the food section to pick up food that they would need to cook dinner.

Happy group buying our first dinner

The La Grange pastor, Andy, told us a little bit about the campus life and information about the college. Morgan H. and Sophie C. presented on the state of Georgia and LaGrange College. The happy’s cooked dinner while the sneezy’s and other groups were busy playing duck duck goose and other weird games. Parker Mills was upset that we had burgers for dinner instead of his favorite food, chicken tenders.

Our tent representatives learning how to set them up (hopefully we won't need them)

Tyler T. and Madalynn P.

Enjoying dinner

Tonight’s gourmet dinner consisted of burgers with warm toppings and chips and cookies with refreshing lemonade and water! We ate with our dwarf groups and other new friends we have met! The happy’s did a great job considering it they are the very first cooks we have had. 

V and Victoria H.



Everyone waiting for food

Hunger Games (group pyramids) to see who got to eat first...Grumpys won

The bashfuls dominated in the first competitions. First we made up a cheer, then we dribbled our “balls” AKA empty water jugs and won the very first relay of the night. The rest of the competitions were golf club relays with the water jugs, dizzy race, tray balancing and sprints. The bashfuls won 2/5 of the relays. The final challenge of the night was to see who the fastest and winner Jake Inman from the BASHFULS!!!!!!!!!!!

Group chants

Peyton H. balancing

Eli P. was good at this

Sophie C. figuring it out

Sealey S. heading for the finish line

Our fastest t-dubbers: Olivia S. and Jake I. 

Sophie C. being a good sport and posing with her throw up and Julia B.!! (don't worry parents-she's okay)

After the competitions we headed inside for the sing a longs to end our eventful first day of TWB. We sang party in the USA, Wagon Wheel, Cruise and the traditional TWB songs. As soon as we get home we are headed to The Voice!!

We had a great start to our very first day and looking forward to our exciting day tomorrow! Already we have started to grow close to our new friends and we are having a BLAST!!