Day 16- Jackson Hole, Tetons, Yellowstone

Day 16: Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Grand Tetons; Yellowstone!

Sleezys here! This morning we woke up around 5:00 at Bear Lake in Utah. When we woke up, it was a chilly 48 degrees and dark as the sun had not come up yet. As we left the campsite at Bear Lake with goodies from mail last night in hand and stuffed into our bags, we watched a breathtaking sunrise over the lake. The way the sun hit the mountains was beautiful.

On our journey to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, most participants were asleep until breakfast was served.  We were treated to yogurt, granola and grapes for breakfast.  Ms. Beautiful told us about a great souvenir shop called “Shirt Off my Back” where we could get t-shirts, stickers and other apparel. We were all excited to see what Jackson Hole, or as the locals call it, Jackson had in store for us.

As we arrived in Jackson Hole the old western feel of the small but bustling town charmed us all. After a group picture and research presentations, we were sent off to shop and Grant surprised us by being there! We all spent way too much and basically bought out the store, then we were off to find a good bison burger for lunch. After a yummy lunch of bison burgers (along with other delicious foods) and a few pictures with Jimmy from shameless, we were back on the bus heading to the Chapel Of Transfiguration in the Grand Teton National Park. Here we sang songs and took beautiful pictures.

TWB in Jackson Hole!

Andrew F. presenting research

Caroline W., Anna M. and Cade M. doing some shopping

Luke H. with a nosebleed and a view

Trip 4 staff in the Tetons!

After singing, we loaded the bus and took off for Yellowstone National Park. When we arrived at Yellowstone, we went to shop at the Yellowstone General Store. Along with souvenirs, lots of ice cream was purchased. Some popular flavors were Moose Tracks, Mountain Berry and Coffee & Fudge Swirl. As we enjoyed our ice cream, we headed to watch Old Faithful erupt. Because Old Faithful is the most consistent geyser, it is the most commonly watched even though the park includes larger geysers.

Crandall K. presenting research by Old Faithful

Parker M. presenting his research

Luke H. presenting his research

Alex A. presenting his research

Abby M. presenting her research

Our group at the Lodge

When we began to head out of the park, the cooks prepared a traveling dinner consisting of chicken Caesar wraps, chips, jello and Kool-Aid. While enjoying our meal, we rode to the Little Grand Canyon. On the way, we made sure to keep an eye out for elk, bison, bears and wolves. We saw two huge elk and one bison.

After Yellowstone we stopped at the Painted Mud Pots and had a visit from Ranger William who told us all about the pots and the sulfur fields. 

Ranger William

Upon arriving to the Little Grand Canyon, we recognized that the Little Grand Canyon was obviously much smaller than the Grand Canyon that we previously visited. The Snake River flowed over the canyon wall creating a beautiful waterfall. The water was a clear blue color and everyone was eager to take pictures of and with it.

To finish the day, we all loaded the bus and the vans and began the long drive to Ponderosa Campground in Cody, Wyoming. Here, we will bed down for the next two nights. We are hoping for a good nights rest because tomorrow will be packed full of excitement and white water rafting!!!