After the Trip! TWB Reflections

TWB Reflections!

The Trip 4 participants gave the following quotes about their TWB experience this summer:

“TWB is an experience of a lifetime and most importantly we get to see all God’s creations and be grateful for him dying for our sins. “ -Claire Cummings, Sanford, NC

“My TWB experience was one I will not forget. Meeting so many people and seeing God’s beautiful creations.” –Hannah Smith, Dallas, NC

“TWB causes growth of friendships, bonds, knowledge, experience, happiness, and exhaustion.” – Morgan Bailey, Reidsville, NC

“TWB was a life changing experience that helped me realize how blessed the land and people of America are.” –McKinley Beaty, Statesville, NC

“Over these 23 days I’ve seen the most beautiful country with the most beautiful people and made the most beautiful memories.” –Samantha Bowen. Laurinburg, NC

“Changed me and my life for the better. An unforgettable experience.” –Ivy Ervay, Dallas, NC

“I could never understand the amount of love I have for 80 strangers until TWB.” –Bailey Earls, Union, SC

“You never really know how much you can truly accomplish until you pack up your things and travel 23 days with 80 strangers.” –Payton Holt, Mount Ulla, NC

“Absolutely, without a doubt, worth the caveman cleanliness and the homeless procedures.” –Emily Stratton, Goldsboro, NC

“TWB is the greatest leap of faith I have ever taken and has given me the best friends of a lifetime.” –Emma Brockman, Cramerton, NC

“I loved traveling the country with close friends, and would absolutely do it again.” –Zachary Storms, Whiteville, NC

“There’s no point in being shy, everyone’s family in the end.” –Cooper Jenkins, Vale, NC

“One of the scariest things I have ever done but 100% the most worthwhile and life changing thing I have ever done.” –Katherine Fortier, Raleigh, NC

“An experience that is difficult to explain because of the close and unique bonds formed with others, and strong feelings you cannot understand until you go on the trip.” –Ava Scardigno, Tega Cay, SC

“The friendships you make on this trip are unlike any friendship you have before the trip.” –Caroline Hill, Gastonia, NC

“On this trip you will laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel the most powerful love while traveling across America.” –Sophia Carter, Cherryville, NC

“Before this trip I was not  sure that our country was as amazing as I thought because of all the bad things happening, but now that I’ve seen what God has created, I know.” –Sealey Sessions, Lake Waccamaw, NC

“I think everyone should have an experience like this one, and I cannot wait to share my experience with others.” –Ansley Feltz, Southern Shores, NC

“It was the greatest experience of my life.” –Alex Faulkner, Spartanburg, SC

“Do not over think things, just do it.” –Mitchell Swicegood, Charlotte, NC

“A life changing experience that I will not forget.” –Larissa (Shalissa) Home, Jonesville, SC

“Some people say it wastes your summer, but this is the best summer of my life.” –Andrew Fleming (Greg), Sanford, NC

“This trip will make you appreciate, love, friendship, and all life God has given to us.” –Cassidy Rodriguez, Gastonia, NC

“It was an honor to discover my country with an amazing bunch of friends.” –Josh Millspaw, Belmont, NC

“My TWB experience was awesome. Had the most fun with people I did not even know.” –Sam Bolling, Stanley, NC

“One of the only times in your life where all you have to focus on is yourself and how beautiful other people and places are.” – Audrey Beaty, Belmont, NC

“This trip showed me that there is so much to do in the USA.” –Hunter Cloninger, Sanford NC

“TWB has taught me that other people can actually find my jokes funny.” –Mallory Morton, Belmont, NC

“This is the most fun I have ever had and the most I have ever laughed. I would not trade this experience for the world.” –Skylar Paschke, Gastonia, NC

“TWB taught me to be myself, appreciate our country, love others, and take nothing for granted.” –Lauren Snyder, Mount Holly, NC

“Enjoy every moment, take it all in, and be adventurous; once in a lifetime experience.” –Landry Freeze, Mooresville, NC

“Will reflect on this amazing adventure for the remainder of my life and hopefully give others the opportunity to do the same.” –Kennedy Martin (Kennywap), Stokesdale, NC

“This is an experience I will never forget and I would not trade it for anything.” –Anna Mason, Gastonia, NC

“Do not be afraid to be wild and stand out because it is the time of your life.” –Carson Carr, Gastonia, NC

“Branching out and opening yourself up is the first step to a great TWB experience.”           –Rachel James, Mooresville, NC

“Greatest 23 days of my life.” –Alex Abernathy, Belmont, NC

“By far the best experience of my life, wish it could last longer than 23 days!” –Cameron Sheffield, Whitmire, SC

“Make the most of the places you see and the friends you meet. You will never get another opportunity like this in your lifetime.” –Cade McConnell, Vale, NC

“If I could go 23 more days, I would go in a heartbeat, on this trip I have met so many amazing people I will never forget.”-Carson Greene, Whiteville, NC

“Do not worry over anything just go with the flow, and have the best 23 days of your life”- Justin Crawford, Belmont, NC
“While the places you see are amazing, it’s the friendships you build that make TWB life-changing” –Meredith Shank, Monroe, NC

“I broke my watch early on and did not bother to get another one because you have fun every minute.” –Matthew Fuller, Denver, NC

“Duck down your walls and make friends with everyone.” –Ethan Brewer, Mooresville, NC
“Home is not where you are, its who you’re with.” –Brandon McClenathan, Sanford, NC

“Take one day at a time, you never know what tomorrow will bring.” –Landrie Herr, Salisbury, NC

“Four words: breathtaking, inspiring, life changing.” –Dylan Sutton, Statesville, NC

“Eye opening experience to learn about yourself, God and your country.” –Blaise Shiver, Dallas, NC

“There are no words great enough to describe the friendships made and the places seen on thus amazing trip.” –Kaylee Warren, Mooresville, NC

“An absolutely eye-opening experience.” –Alec Stinnett , Kings Mountain, NC

“This trip of a lifetime was absolutely beautiful!”- Victoria Hamby, Statesville, NC

“Discovering how to make true friends, find God and sleep in freezing and blazing temperatures!” –Jake Inman, Lake Waccamaw, NC

“Don’t be afraid in life, you never know what can happen.”-Luke Harmon, Gastonia, NC

“Best Experience of my life!” –Dakota Jacobsen, Salisbury, NC

“Places you’ve never been, people you’ve never met, things you’ll never forget”-Maxwell Francesco, Cherryville, NC

“We came as scared strangers, but we’re leaving as a loving family” –Madalynn Powell, Ruffin, NC

“Enjoy and make the most of every second of these 23 days.” –Sealey Scott, Whiteville, NC

“The next 23 days of your life will be your best and the people you will meet will be forever apart of your life.” -Morgan Hurt, Raleigh, NC

“The bonds and true friends I’ve made on this trip is something I wouldn’t trade for the world!” –MaKayla Johnson, Gastonia, NC

“This trip is an eye opener, I just want to keep exploring.”-Olivia Smith, Whiteville, NC

“From the Carolinas to Cali and back, I grew to love thus beautiful country more than I could ever imagine!” –Isabella Tarlton, Monroe, NC

“TWB is an experience that you can’t explain with words, you must do it yourself to truly understand.” -Abby Marshall, Mooresville, NC

“Nothing can compare to the TWB experience.”-Kayla Hawkins, Cherryville, NC

“Even with a few hard moments, it was the experience of a lifetime.” -Julia Brice, Fort Mill, SC

“It opened my eyes, and changed my thought about life in all the best ways.” -Macie Curlee, Salisbury, NC

“During TWB, I learned how to be a friend and care for others.” –Crandall King, Concord, NC

“TWB is such an amazing experience, and it leads you to many friendships that will last a lifetime.” –Caroline Whitaker, Sanford, NC

“This trip is an experience I would never trade away.” –Laura Hedrick, Sanford, NC

“Best 23 days of my entire life, I don’t want to ever leave these people.”-Taylor Brooks, Mt. Holly, NC

“By far the best way to see America and make life-long friends at such a young age.”             -Parker Mills, Denver, NC

“It has been an experience of a lifetime with lifetime friends.” -Maximus Pavone, Gastonia, NC

“TWB was hands down one of the best experiences of my life. I wouldn’t trade these 23 days for anything.” –Clara Cobb, Mount Holly, NC

“This trip has truly made me want to travel more around the country.” –Michael Punt, Statesville, NC

“It was amazing and cool.” –Kenny Fleming, Clarkton, NC

“TWB will show you how to believe in yourself, trust others and will make you fall in love with America.” –Hannah Caldwell, Denver, NC

"Today is my moment, and now is my story, I'll laugh, and I'll cry, and I'll sing."

Thanks TWB Trip 4 2018 for an amazing and unforgettable 23 days!