Day 15-SLC & Bear Lake

Day 15: Salt Lake City and Bear Lake

Sleezy’s here! Today we were able to sleep in until 7:30 (which is sooo late for us) because V forgot to change her watch! Once we were up we ate bananas and muffins on the way to Salt Lake City. 

Our first stop was the Mormon Tabernacle and we were able to see the original architecture from the 1800s. We were welcomed by sisters from all over the world. We saw statues and buildings inside the Tabernacle and listened to a musical demonstration in French. 

After our tour, we walked over to the mall to explore one of the largest malls in the West. Everyone was really excited about eating Chick-fil-a and being able to call/Facetime from the Apple Store. With the free time that we had, people had the opportunity to shop. The girls were looking for a cute outfit for the rodeo, which is in a couple of days. 

After our time shopping we headed off to more shopping at our new favorite place, Wal-Mart. There we picked up snacks and other necessities while the cooks picked up our dinner for the night. We then ventured to our campsite for the night, the beautiful Bear Lake. As we drove in with the sight of the lake all we wanted to do was jump in, but first we had to unpack our things and have the water balloon fight!! 

We had a friendly competition and encouraging words from our teammates like, “Tyler, you idiot!” Our two representatives did a great job in the finals but with stiff competition we came in second place (we feel we should have won because we had a balloon malfunction). 

When the balloon fight was over we rushed to the lake and jumped in the chilly water. We swam, had chicken fights, looked at the beautiful sunset, and some even showered (yes we showered in the lake, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do sometimes and it's been TWO DAYS since our last showers). 

We also celebrated Monte/Kenny Fleming's birthday again!! Some of our participants kindly got him a cupcake and a "7" candle. They used a stick to improvise the "1" in 17. 

We then anxiously awaited dinner which was Tacos, rice and beans with Choco Tacos or ice cream sandwiches for dessert. The meal was delicious. 

After eating we were all jumping with excitement for MAIL TIME!!! It was an emotional time for some of us, but it was so good to get letters, food, candy and other fun stuff from our families and friends back home. Thank you all so much for your letters and packages! After that exciting time we slowly went off to bed wrapped in a whole bunch of blankets to keep warm. Tomorrow we go to Jackson Hole and head to Cody, Wyoming to camp. 

Day 14- Driving into Salt Lake City!

Day 14: The Salt Flats

“Asah-dude” Sleezys here! We are reporting today from Tooele, Utah. We woke up this morning at 5:30 in Yosemite. We survived the bear habitat and woke up in forty-degree weather, slightly cold but relieved to have not seen any yearlings wandering our campsite overnight. 

After V said to load (we never load until V says to), we started our long journey to Utah. Today was a loooong day of driving and lots of repetitive scenery. Our wonderful breakfast was doughnuts, apples, and fruit snacks (for the vans). 

The bus this afternoon experienced our first movies on TWB. The premier was Cars and The Karate Kid. The vans were singing their hearts out and competing at singing and dancing together while passing by each other on the road. The music ranged from hard-core rock to country and throwbacks.

Heading towards our destination, we stopped at a salt flat where we were able to lick salt off the ground. It tasted like the ocean without even being there! Some people chose to lick quickly for a picture but others chose to really eat some chunks of salt. 

We have been surviving and thriving off of ham and turkey wraps with cheese and lettuce. The lunch was completed by our favorite snacks, Cheez-Its and fruit snacks.

The dinner tonight will be an Italian classic, spaghetti with salad and garlic bread AND cosmic brownies! We are staying at the Boys and Girls Club building and going off of our second night without a shower. We love Baby Wipes and sink "showers"! 

The participants on the bus experienced another heat wave through the desert as the bus A/C has stopped working again, but it’s okay because Henry is the man and going to get it fixed. We truly appreciate all the hard work Henry and the other counselors put in to make sure we are comfortable.

We'll be having dinner and heading to bed soon to wake up early for our venture into Salt Lake City to see the Mormon Tabernacle before heading to Bear Lake tomorrow evening! We CANNOT WAIT for mail day!!!

Also before bed right at midnight we sang Monte/Kenny Fleming happy birthday! We also formed a giant tunnel for him to run through as he came out of the bathroom.