Day 20- Kansas

Day 20: Kansas 

Howdy y'all! We are the new bloggers, the GRUMPYS, coming at you from the rolling wheat fields of Kansas! Greetings from Kennedy Martin, Sealey Sessions, Ansley Feltz, Alex Abernathy, Hannah Caldwell, Olivia Smith, Cameron Sheffield, Mallory Morton, Dylan Sutton, Sam Bolling, Taylor Brooks, Caroline Whitaker and last but not least BRANDON McCLENATHAN. 

This morning we woke up later than usual, 6:00 A.M. at Colorado College! So, in other words, we got to sleep in. Getting ready for the day was more luxurious than usual due to the nice facilities. We finally had some bombing hot showers last night for the first time in a while. Preparing for the day was easier than usual, considering it was a full driving day. 

After leaving Colorado College, we took a five minute drive to Wally World. Our new cooks, the Sneezys (Sleezys), bought our traveling breakfast and lunch for the day. This Wal-Mart was supposedly unusual, according to counselor Matt Wilfong. The people of Kansas are a little strange sometimes. Also, the Carolina Girl van riders all pitched in to buy a  DVD player to watch movies during our long drive.

For breakfast this morning, we had a variety of bagels with either cream cheese, nutella or peanut butter accompanied by bananas and good ol’ water.

Todays drive was long and tedious. The bus watched two movies, Rango and Mall Cop. Carolina Girl also watched movies, which include: Jumanji, Sandlot and Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. Unfortunately, Miss America did not have access to watch a movie so the majority of the trip we played BS, listened to music, talked and slept. Kansas’ bland scenery made for a good nap. We were even told that Kansas is flatter than a pancake by one of our research presenters. 

During todays drive, we stopped four times. Three of these were rest stops and one was for Justin C., who had to do number TWO on the side of the road for the second time this trip!! Two of his friends, Eli P. and Cooper J. got to hold the privacy blanket up for him. Justin tried to give Eli a high-five afterwards, but Eli declined. The official stops were as brief as they could be, considering the line for the girls bathroom looked like the ticket line to a Taylor Swift concert.

Justin C.'s scenic bathroom stop 

"wheat Jesus" billboard...Kansas is odd

Our stop of the day: an oil rig!

Traveling lunch was a repeat of a popular dish first used by the Grumpys, ranch wraps. The wraps included turkey or ham, lettuce, cheese and lots of ranch.  The cooks also served up apples and white cheddar popcorn. Miss America sadly did not receive any popcorn- something Mallory was very upset about.

We rolled into Kansas State University around 6pm, and we were gone by 6:15. We were only there long enough for some informational research presentations and Cameron S. to run and use the bathroom… again. The information presentations were truly enlightening; Bailey, Dylan, and both Max’s talked about KSU, Kansas and Alabama (better late than never).







TWB invaded Wally World for the second time today to grab dinner, and we were treated to the sight of a random guy on a bike getting arrested (probably for speeding lol).  Many of the participants, scared of what would be for dinner, chose to spend their money at Subway instead of Walmart. 

Tonight we had three buckets of delicious gourmet ravioli with garlic bread and a salad. The ravioli was amazing and filling, especially while it was hot. The cooks even had more than one type of salad dressing! Kudos to them J Dinner was accompanied by pink lemonade, a real thirst quencher.

After dinner, an auction was held that consisted of underwear, dirty towels, sunglasses, headlamps, tarps and anything else that the counselors found in the lost and found. Participants got the opportunity to buy the stuff that others had lost, and a chance to sell it back for a profit to the original owner. We are all broke at this point so whatever works (Mom and Dad please send money).

Auction time!

Lots of slightly used towels available for purchase

Tonight we are camping at Tuttle Creek, under the stars, with our fellow campers and lots of bugs. We can tell we are headed back east because its getting hotter and more humid.  Tonight is gonna be an “on top of the sleeping bag” night for sure.

We concluded tonight with a short sing-a-long, trying not to disturb our neighbors by singing Greenday too loudly. We think they should be grateful that they get to be sung to sleep by TWB (We’re going on tour after we get back).

We are concluding this post with a Brandonion wisdom: “ The average person will eat 8 spiders each year while sleeping, so make sure that you keep your mouth shut tonight.” (We think this number is higher if you live in Kansas or go on TWB).

Rodger Dodger, Grumpys are over and out.