Day 23- Return

Day 23- Return 

Hello for the last time from the Grumpy bloggers!!! This morning, we woke up at Levi Jackson State Park. The dew was pretty rough throughout the night so we woke up to everyone’s stuff soaking wet. Unfortunately, today was our last pack up. It’s sad and also joyful to see how far we have come, especially in terms of how fast we can put up our sleeping bags. Everyone was very emotional but also ready to not have to wake up to a million mosquito bites.

The drive this morning consisted of a lot sleeping, especially since we knew we couldn't sleep our last day away this afternoon. We all woke up in Knoxville, Tennessee (HENRY’S HOME TOWN) which made the fact that today we will be home all the more real.

In Knoxville, TN, we stopped at a Wal-Mart to pick up the ingredients for our very last traveling breakfast and traveling lunch. All the other participants picked up some last minute snacks for the road and also materials to make bracelets, which has been a trend this entire trip.

This morning traveling breakfast was made up of glazed doughnuts, bananas, and other leftover snacks (we have to get rid of all the food, so there was quite an assortment). Everything was delicious and made the day even more emotional. Whose parents would ever let them have doughnuts for breakfast for basically 23 days straight? 

After traveling breakfast, we were instructed by THE GRANT DEATON to stay awake and enjoy the scenery while also reflecting on the past 23 days with our friends. We passed the time by listening to music and making more friendship bracelets. Emotions were running high for the trip.

Traveling lunch today was chicken sandwiches and individual pies (a whole one per person!!). We all had lots of snacks as well, trying to eat them up before we got home. 

When we passed the NC state line the entire bus started yelling, some saying we wanted to turn around and go back and some saying they were excited to be home.

One of our last stops is a NC rest stop (NC rest stops are much nicer than some other places). Cameron S. had the great idea of creating a time capsule so we are all trying to come up with objects to fill the capsule with. Daisy is also yelling at us to finish the blog ASAP.

From here we are headed to the special moment before going to Mallard Creek and going home. We are anxiously awaiting the tearful goodbyes and no one is looking forward to saying goodbye to all our friends. We are excited to not have to wait in line for the bathrooms or wake up to a dew covered sleeping bag.

Mallard Creek:


We are all very GRUMPY that we have to leave and we love all of our new family. 

Today’s Brandonian wisdom is “Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica”.

Grumpy bloggers on the last day!  

Rodger Dodger, Grumpys over and out for the last time.