Day 21- St. Louis

Day 21- St. Louis 

Grumpy's here again!! It's one of our last nights blogging since tomorrow is our last full day (how did that happen?!?!). This morning we woke up at Tuttle Creek campground in Kansas to the sun rising and V yelling (as usual ☺).  After packing up all of our items and making last minute bathroom runs, we headed out for the day.

The drive this morning was a cold one for the bus, which would have been nice back in Yosemite when the AC was broken. The majority of participants slept, getting in the rest that was lost with our late night the previous night. During the drive, we traveled from Kansas to Missouri. The vans also got some good naps in and of course, we all made friendship bracelets. 

A bus full of sleeping T-dubbers

Our first stop was at a surprisingly fancy gas station, but unfortunately we did not get the opportunity to buy anything. It consisted of two floors, the first having snacks, t-shirts, etc… and the second having an exercise center, movie theater, and much more you wouldn’t find in a typical gas station.

After leaving the gas station we got to eat our traveling breakfast. MUFFINS AND PEACHES!!! Breakfast was very tasty and filling and was enough for a few individuals to have seconds if wanted! This does not happen often!

TWB invaded Walter’s World again today so the cooks could hunt down our next meal. Many of the participants chose to eat at subway or buy some absolutely amazing popcorn chicken from the deli section to supplement our meals. 

cook Clara C. checking out 

Cooks are ready to go 

Wal-Mart parking lot, TWB style

Cooks working hard to load up the kitchen trailer, vans and bus

Having fun in Wal-Mart

Traveling lunch was an old classic today, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  We also got goldfish and some pudding. The challenge was to get all the pudding out using the flimsy plastic sporks we were given. We're getting pretty good at this! 

Hanging out on the bus

Mallory M. and Kayla H. working on friendship bracelets

Blaise S. and Cassidy R. working on bracelets too

Around 3 we arrived in Saint Louis, and saw the baseball stadium and the famed gateway to the WEST. Technically for us it's the gateway to the East, since we're heading back towards Mallard Creek to see you all in two days! TWB got to see the brand new exhibits under the arch in what is basically a museum filled with informational things about the arch and the time in which it was built. We quickly divided into groups to squeeze into the “eggs” (NOT RECOMMENDED FOR ANYONE EVEN A LITTLE CLAUSTROPHOBIC). The ride was interesting as the eggs liked to sway during the four minute ride to the top.  The view from the top was well worth the sketchy ride up, and of course we all took lots of pictures of the city.

Every trip, TWB spells out a word on the ground so that a counselor can take a picture from above.  This year, as a tribute to a TWB angel, we spelled out ROSE with a heart. All of the participants were excited and very happy to give such a fitting tribute to a woman that meant so much to so many people. WE LOVE YOU DEATONS!!!

Leaving St Louis, we drove out in the dark to Carlyle Lake to reach our campsite. Carolina Girl was blasting music the whole way, and everybody was jamming in an attempt to stay awake.

We are all anxiously awaiting “dinner," the cooks are serving pancakes, sausage, donuts, bagels and bacon! We even have the option of strawberry or chocolate topping on our pancakes! The penny-pinching on the budget is finally paying off, and we are all very excited to eat this meal and be full.

We also celebrated Katherine F.'s 17th birthday! Happy birthday, Kat! 

Kat with her St. Louis magnet 

After dinner comes long awaited showers and even longer awaited SLEEP. The stars are beautiful tonight, so we will try to focus on that as we slap the mosquitoes away while we're trying to fall asleep. Bug spray is in high demand right now.

Cam S. with the bug he caught 

Todays Brandonian Wisdom is: "Since tomorrow is a day in Kentucky I would like everyone to know that it is illegal to carry ice cream in your back pocket in Kentucky, so if your child calls home, you know why.” We all hope that no one actually will get arrested for this, but Cameron may try it.

Rodger Dodger, Grumpys over and out.

A message from our Tour Director, V (Miss Beautiful): 

TWB tradition is unique to any of this family no matter what year you traveled. 

We wanted to share with all of you the beautiful wife, mother, aunt, grandmother, sister, GiGi and very special friend to all who know her-ROSE DEATON. 

The Big D had this wonderful dream of sharing what makes up the fabric of AMERICA and hand in hand, ROSE and the Big D have seen it through to this very day!

Of all the people in the world who came in contact with the Big D, ROSE had that magic that allowed his dream to touch the lives of young people and families every summer. 

ROSE is the inspiration for any and all things TWB. She delighted in every phone call from a parent and she would relay messages nightly to the Big D at a grocery phone or a pay phone-my how things have changed. 

When we returned from trips, participants would call inquiring about something they had lost and ROSE gladly walked to the lost and found pile in the garage-checking if what they were looking for would be there.

A Godly woman in all that she ever did or spoke of has left us all with wonderful memories. Even as she battled Multiple Systems Atrophy she was still the strong wife and loving "GiGi" to 5 precious grandchildren. 

All of the Deaton boys-Denny, Grant and Tyler have grown up and carried on what ROSE loved most-family and all its traditions. It is a beautiful thing to be with family gathered for whatever event and to share in the greatest moments that ROSE cherished through these years. 

TWB wanted to honor and share with you the person, the Godly woman who may not have been the most visible, just make no mistake about it-she is and always will be the driving force of what TWB is and will continue to be. 

Thank you ROSE for setting such wonderful examples for all of us to follow. May we always take a part of you with us every day and just as you have made a difference in the lives of others-I pray that we will follow your lead and keep your light shining brightly.