Day 18-Custer, South Dakota and Mt. Rushmore

Day 18: Custer, South Dakota & Mt. Rushmore

Hi everyone! It’s your favorite group again, the happys! Today we woke up in Ponderosa after a great night and being able to sleep in till 7am. Everyone had time to pack up, get ready and get on the bus and didn’t have to worry about being in a rush!

Once on the bus, we traveled for a long time. It was worth it though as we saw many great landscapes, it was like the Grand Canyon part three as we passed through Shell Canyon! The breakfast was something new as well. A good mixture of peanut butter, bananas and honey all wrapped up in a tortilla. Lunch was pizza wraps with cheese, pepperonis and sauce all on a tortilla. Our new cooks are doing a great job!

our scenery for most of the day

After a stop at a well decorated Walmart, we all grabbed what we needed and jumped back on the bus. Some girls drank a tad too much coffee though and had to make a bathroom break in a cup instead of a toilet… As the ride continued on, the bus played some interesting games such as bean boozeled in hopes of winning a free desert from KS. Some people got good flavors, but not everyone was as fortunate. Cade took the biggest bet of all as he took a whole handful of the jellybeans and ate them in hopes for a free meal. Some bean boozeled jellybean flavors include dead fish, barf, lawn clippings, moldy cheese and spoiled milk. Cade took it in stride and ate them all without hesitating for a single moment. The smell was enough to affect the entire bus though! In summary, while the ride was long, it was still full of good naps, good lessons and fun games.

Finally, we arrived in Custer, South Dakota at a local park. Once there, counselor Daisy announced that we had some time to get in our groups and plan some awesome dances to a remix of the Post Malone song Congratulations. Before starting our dances, a few people spoke about their research. Landrie gave an awesome talk on South Dakota, Taylor spoke of Mount Rushmore and Caroline talked about Custer, our sleeping spot for the night.

listening to research

Landrie H. presenting her research

Caroline W. presenting her research

Taylor G. presenting her research

meeting with Custer Mayor Corbin

After the research was done, all groups were dismissed and we got down to business. Teams worked hard to make the best dance they possibly could, but we know ours will be hard to beat. Stay tuned… Before dinner though, we got the awesome opportunity to hear from Custers mayor, Corbin! After learning lots, it was time for dinner. The meal we had all been waiting for… Ramen noodles with the option of beef, chicken or oriental flavor for the vegetarians. Yummy!

Andrew F. helping get ready for dinner

some T-dubbers enjoying dinner

A few of our cooks!

After dinner, we all hopped on the bus once again and finally made our way to Mount Rushmore. Upon arrival everyone dispersed for ice cream and pictures in front of the monument. The ice cream was super delicious! We all knew though that at 8:30, it was time to be seated for the show. A ranger came onto the stage and we waited for the sun to set so we could watch the video, she asked us all some trivia questions. Of course, the teens westward bound participants got all of the answers correct! The video began soon after, and shed light on the history of America. It gave some background on the importance of the people who are represented on the rocks of Mount Rushmore. At the end of the video, everyone joined together to stand tall and proud as we all sang the national anthem underneath the shining faces of our founding fathers. It was a moving moment for sure. Once the singing was completed, the ranger came back onto the stage and invited any past and present soldiers onto the stage so that we all could honor them. A group of them lowered the American flag as the finale of the night. We all shared one last round of applause for our soldiers and then made our way back to our vehicles.

TWB at Mount Rushmore

our staff imitating the rocks

Ready for the show! 

Alex F. enjoying his ice cream

Cade M. enjoying some dessert 

Mitchell S. at Mt. Rushmore

Ansley F. enjoying some ice cream

Some of our ladies plus Daisy and Grant

Sealey S., Hannah C. and Alex A. having some ice cream

Landrie H., Cam S., Madalynn P. and Andrew F. trying to keep straight faces

Tonight we bed down in the worlds largest externally supported log cabin. Somewhere that even Eleanor Roosevelt stayed while her husband worked on Mount Rushmore. It is a blessing that we all are given the opportunity to stay here tonight. Now it is almost 11:30, which is our bedtime as we are waking up bright and early tomorrow morning.

Goodnight and until tomorrow,

The Happys!