Day 17- Cody, Wyoming

Day 17: Cody, Wyoming

Hello everyone!  It’s the moment you all have waited for…the Happy group is here to blog!  This is Kaylee Warren, Macie Curlee, Victoria Hamby, Samantha Bowen, Bailey Earls, Justin Crawford, Michael Punt, Julia Brice, Zach Storms, Maximus Pavone, Cassidy Rodrigues, Mitchell Swicegood and Anna Mason.

To start off our great adventure in Cody, Wyoming we arrived at the Ponderosa campground at 12 am, only to find that our campsite was already filled with some unplanned visitors. With last minute planning we were able to pack in like sardines and settle down by 1:30 am.  Despite this slight mishap, we were able to sleep in till 6:30 which meant a whopping 5 hours of sleep!

our campsite at Ponderosa

We woke up sleepy eyed but excited to go on our white water rafting adventure. We were picked up by two white school buses to pick up life jackets and head to the Shoshone River. We split up into groups of nine and ten to grab our rafts. The girls made googly eyes over the very cute raft tour guides. Along with their very good looks came even better life stories. As we headed down the river we realized it was not going to be a smooth ride. On our twelve mile trek many dare devils decided to jump into the water, some even swore you had to break the ice before getting into the water. Two of our groups had a water fight all the way down the river, as they raced to the third raft to have a huge water war. Some participants were not as eager to get wet. Our very own Victoria Hamby and Mckinley Beaty were tricked by Joe the tour guide into going to the very edge of the raft to look at “the hole” in the water. Before they knew it they were thrown back by the power of the wave and soaked in the process. As one group continued down the river Rick the tour guide decided to give the raft a joy ride with seven 360s in a row. Finally, drenched from head to toe, we made it to our final destination. Shivering and smiling, we hopped out of our rafts and headed back to the campsite.  

Kaylee W., Isabella T., Samantha B. and Victoria H. after rafting

Everyone getting life jackets on and ready to go!

Makayla J. is ready!

Landry F., Kaylee W., Isabella T. and Victoria H. are ready

Blaise S. helping Laura H. get ready

Jackets ready!

Before anyone knew how cold the water was

First boat off!

We arrived at the campsite to see Grant, V and counselor Matthew preparing a gourmet breakfast of eggs, sausage, grits and toast. Some say they forgot how good our REAL southern grits are. Bellies full and hearts happy, our very own Sleepy’s left for Wally World to prepare for our next few meals. Others split to wash our very STINKY clothes that probably could stand up on their own. As the day went on everyone decided to start getting ready for the Rodeo!! As the girls bathroom lines got longer, you could say we felt as if our greasy hair was turning grey as we waited. Once some of us finally made it through the make-up lines and bathroom lines, we got to take a nice cold shower because all of the hot water was gone after the first hour long showers where taken. Some people decided to lay out in the grass and take long nice breezy nap. As we got to have our free time some of us ran over to Dairy Queen to get some cool ice cream!! We also got to call our lovely families back home to tell them all about the amazing times we are having with the great new friends that we have made.

the big V and counselor Matthew making breakfast

The cooks tonight made us an awesome of hotdogs, beans and mashed tater tots turned hashbrowns! Once everyone finished their delicious meals, complete with little umbrellas in our drinks (thanks to KS’s mom!!!!!!), we all prepared ourselves to leave and get some shopping in before the rodeo. 

Claire C. enjoying her dinner and drink umbrella

Parker M. ready for the rodeo

Carson C. ready for the rodeo

Audrey B. with her drink umbrella

Payton H. with her drink umbrella


Some helpful volunteers went with counselors Daisy and Matthew to wash our vans and trailers before the rodeo. 

Hannah C. washing the trailer

Brandon M. and Jake I. washing the trailer

Sam B. washing the trailer

Once we got downtown, everyone ran to get their very own rodeo hats, embracing their inner cowboy/cowgirl. The wait to grab a hat was long but definitely worth it! The 2 for $20 deal made it all the better as everyone is running out of money but could easily find a “partner” (bun dum tssss) to make the hats cheaper for themselves! We all spent some time on our own, checking out the street shootout show and grabbing coffees before meeting back at the buses for the long awaited rodeo.

Monte/Kenny F. embracing his inner cowboy

We also sang happy birthday to Lauren S. who turned 17 today! We sung our hearts out while crossing a street in downtown Cody. Happy birthday Lauren! 

counselor Matthew presenting Lauren S. with a birthday keychain

Everyone quickly loaded the buses and vans, and as we arrived the girls immediately started admiring the handsome cowboys. Meanwhile, the guys had one sole focus, the mechanical bulls. We all gathered together before getting seated and took a group picture underneath the rodeo sign.

TWB at the rodeo!

Blaise S. presenting his research

Landry F. presenting her research

Once we found our seats, the show began. At the beginning, the girls shed some tears at the cattle being caught but everyone was reassured that no cattle were harmed. The tears turned to laughter quickly though as four of our participants (Ava S., Ivy E., Ethan B. and Bailey E.) ran to join the 12 and under children’s halftime race. After stretching, everyone prepared to chase cattle in hopes of winning a free pizza. Ethan got a little “too” excited and accidentally tackled a small child that was in his words “too slow” to race with the big kids.

some T-dubbers participating in the "12 and under" games

Once the race was over (none of our participants won), we were greeted by a monsoon and typhoon and a hurricane all at once. It started with lighting in the distance, but quickly escalated to massive amounts of rain. Some people ran to bathrooms and some  to the bus, but most stayed and faced it until the end of the show. It was all worth it in the end though, four girls got a glove and autographs from a cowboy and everyone cheered on the bus when they found out it didn’t rain at our campsite AT ALL. We are so thankful that we don't have another Grand Canyon rainstorm situation! 

Carson G. riding the bull

Madalynn P. riding the bull

Ethan B. riding the bull

Monte F. riding the bull

Josh M. riding the bull

We arrived back to camp around 10pm and found dry clothes and dry grass (thank goodness). We celebrated at Dairy Queen (second time of the day for some of us) and can’t wait to see what adventure tomorrow brings.


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