Day 22- Kentucky

Day 22- Kentucky

This morning we woke up in Carlyle to the beautiful sound of Ms. V yelling “GOOD MORNING LOVELIES, LETS GO SEE AMERICA!!” We quickly loaded the bus and headed off to our first rest stop.  We were treated to a lovely traveling breakfast of Poptarts, GoGurts and bananas. Many participants took this chance to take a nice nap, and Ms. V actually had trouble getting everyone to wake up.

After another “two hours” we rolled through Louisville into Churchill Downs, the famous home of the Kentucky Derby. We were treated to a tour of the Downs and got to explore the exhibits and gift shop. The museum was a big hit with a lot of us as we got to race horses in a stimulator, place bets and dress as jockeys. We got to watch a movie about going to the Derby and the horses, so tickets to the derby might be a big hit on our Christmas lists this year, Mom and Dad!! Abby M was even surprised by her family, who got to join us on our tour of the Downs. Alex Faulkner's Uncle, a 1995 TWBer, also joined us for the tour. 

Alex F. and his uncle, Wesley Linder

Abby M. and her dad!!

Look who's back!

We were put into dwarf groups leaving the Downs so that we could work on our skits for the final talent show tonight. Yours truly got to ride on Miss America, and we prepared an amazing parody of Saturday night live. Sadly, we did not win the competition. Traveling lunch today was sub sandwiches, which were delicious.  We also had the opportunity to eat oatmeal cookies and leftover yogurt from breakfast. Yum.

Having been gone for almost 23 days, the bus and the vans were getting pretty dirty. To help fix this problem, today we vacuumed out all the vehicles and took them to the car wash. I don’t know how the bus fit, but with the powers of the magical Ms. V,  we made it through. 

For dinner, the participants invaded the historic Sanders Café; also known as the first ever KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). The chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni + cheese and biscuits were exquisite. The tea, however, left something to be desired and we are all ready for some real NC sweet tea hopefully tomorrow once we arrive home.

After dinner, we had a brief drive to Levi Jackson Park in London, Kentucky. We immediately were rushed to the amphitheater where the talent show began. All the dwarf groups had a strong showing in the talent show. There was much laughter and shade thrown! (Something to ask about when your child gets home.) The winning group was the Sleepys who hosted a game of never have I ever and charades. This made for great comedy and some red cheeks (for those called out). The counselors also decided to perform a few skits, making fun and joking around about some of the participants. The whole competition was a blast and a joy to watch. It was most definitely a good laugh!!

We ended the night with a sing-a-long where we sang two of our favorite songs and reflected on all the memories from the past 22 days. Some tears were shed and much love was shown. This was just an opening for how tomorrow will go when we arrive home.

Tonight’s Brandonian wisdom is “A stool with three legs is the most stable chair you can have, but no one is giving that a standing ovation.” HAHA

We’re done for the night and we hoped you enjoyed this blog of day 22! Roger Dodger neck massager, we’re over and out, much love, The Grumpy’s<3