Day 19- Colorado: AF Academy, Olympic Training Center

Day 19- Colorado: AF Academy, Olympic Training Center 

Hello everyone, it's the happys again! We rose bright and early at 5:30 this morning and loaded up to head on to our next adventure! As we drove down the long mountain roads, we all took nice long cozy naps! 

Our lovely cooks made us a gourmet breakfast. We enjoyed a variety of flavors of mini muffins and yogurt. As we kept traveling we took a rest stop in Wyoming at a Flying J. Most of us decided to get a little taste of home by buying Cinnabon and ended up buying the poor lady completely out. They were delicious! 

We all rolled out and headed on our way to the Air Force Academy! As we sang and danced lunch was served. We had Hawaiian Rolls with lunchmeat and cheese with sides of gummies and an orange. After a long drive we arrived in the rain to the Air Force Academy! There we met a cadet, Addison Smith, that went on TWB in 2013 with our very own counselor Daisy. He took us on a tour of the Chapel and took us to the gift shop to purchase very expensive gifts! (SORRY MOM!) After our quick shopping we got in line to kiss a very special cadet and not just the girls were first to jump in line. J 

Addison greeting us at the chapel

Inside the chapel

Group photo at the chapel

Claire C. and Hannah S. kissing the cadet

Macie C. and Landrie H. 

Taylor G. and Morgan H. 

Morgan B. and Larissa H. kissing the cadet

Clara C. and Victoria H. kissing the cadet

Cassidy R. and Sophie C. kissing the cadet

Alec S. and Caroline H. kissing the cadet

Olivia S. and Landry F. kissing the cadet

Sam B. decided to go for it as well!

Anna M. and Taylor B. kissing the cadet 

Sealey S. and Hannah C. kissing the cadet

Emma B. and Ivy E. kissing the cadet

Justin C. making a new friend too!

Rachel J. and Julia B. kissing the cadet

Makayla J. and Skylar P. kissing the cadet

McKinley B. and Kaylee W. trying their best

Meredith S. and Samantha B. kissing the cadet

Kayla H. and Mallory M. kissing the cadet

Addison and Daisy, Trip 2 2013 participants! 

After leaving we were in quite a rush and still were three minutes late to make it to the Colorado Olympic Training Center. Upon arriving we met two amazing tour guides: Abby and Cassie. We started out by watching an inspirational video of past Olympians that brought some of us to tears. After that we split into two groups, each planning a dance battle as we toured several sports training facilities. We got to see an olympic pool, shooting range, weight lifting room and gymnastics gym. After the tour we met back up and had a dance battle. Of course Abby's group won with the help of Olympic hopeful athlete Morgan. We then had a couple of minutes to shop in the gift shop. Some of us were disappointed because of the amount of items sold out. Others found great items for an expensive price. 

Olympic rings and "USA"

Julia B., Makayla J. and Skylar P. enjoying the tour

Michael P. challenging athlete Morgan to a rock paper scissors game (Michael lost)

After leaving the training center we arrived at Colorado College. We were greeted by the assistant athletic director Andy and his son Lucas. Our wonderful staff surprised us with delicious pizza and soft drinks for dinner! We were so lucky to get two whole pieces!! Afterwards we all headed to the football field to practice for our dance competition and have a couple of races around the track. Our very own Mitchell Swicegood beat the Grumpys Josh Millspaw in a 400 meter sprint. 

We brought all of our stuff into the gym and them made our final preparations for the real dance competition. After many performances...the Dopeys took the the dub! We enjoyed seeing the change in our fellow friends over the past 19 days. Everyone was into the competition! Our conselors came out and surprised us with a dance of their own. Miss Beautiful even showed us her very own amazing dancing. As we enjoyed and danced the night away the time came for us to settle down and shower. Now we get luxurious and warm showers at Colorado college to prepare for our long day of driving through tomorrow. 

Signing off for our very last time, xoxo the happys! <3

We are worms!